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Family Income Protection

Not everyone wants or needs cover for just their outstanding mortgage and many have very different needs dependent on their situation.

Where people have children that are financially dependent on them Family Income Protection can be one of the most cost effective plans to consider.

It is designed to pay a regular monthly or annual sum in the event of death or suffering a critical illness to provide a replacement income for the suffering spouse or children.

On many occasions it can be used to cover the cost of childcare should one or both parents die or one needs to continue work in the absence of the homemaker.

Family Income Protection generally is a very cost effective way of insuring each other for the wellbeing of the children as it pays out until the children reach an age where they can fend for themselves without any financial assistance.

At Pure we can calculate the correct levels of cover required in order to ensure your children or partners have the right cover in place for any of life's more threatening eventualities.