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Protecting what matters most in your life

Life & Critical Illness Insurance

Why do I need life insurance? Why is life insurance a good idea?

It's never easy to cope when someone close to you dies. Grief is a natural reaction and coping with the pain and loss can be even more difficult if there are added financial pressures. Nobody really wants to think about dying but it makes sense to plan for what could happen and help make it easier for those left behind. It won't stop the grief but it can help support your family after you die.
How will your family cope if one or more of the main earners dies?

For example:

  • how will the mortgage and any other debts be repaid?

  • what, if anything, will replace the regular income?

  • how will your children be looked after?

  • how will your children's further education be paid for?

If you want to make sure your family can maintain a reasonable standard of living without undue financial concerns, it makes sense to prepare for both unforeseen- and foreseen circumstances - and protect your family.